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FAQ – S-Rating

Where can I find the information on the S-Rating of my company site?

You can find the information on the S-Rating of your specific location by logging onto the ONE.KBP ( ). It is displayed on the left side under your profile information.

A yellow or green circle implies that you have reached a positive S-Rating. In case of a yellow circle, we recommend that you further improve your SAQ. In case of a red circle, a negative S-Rating was reached by your company site. In this case, please work on the corrective measures indicated that were agreed upon after the On-Site Check as soon as possible and also improve your SAQ.

If the circle is grey, the S-Rating could not yet be determined for your company site. The reason for this could e.g. be that the SAQ score was too low or that an On-Site Check is necessary to determine the S-Rating.

For how long is the S-Rating valid?

The S-Rating is valid up to a maximum of six years. You will be contacted in case measures need to be taken. You can always proactively improve the SAQ score on the NQC platform.

What are the minimum requirements of the Volkswagen Group?

You can find information regarding the minimum requirements here.

When and how can I improve my S-Rating?

The SAQ forms the basis for the S-Rating, and you can improve and work on the score of your validated SAQ anytime, except while in status "Validation Phase". Recommendations on how to improve your SAQ score can be found on .

You can improve the result of your On-Site Check only by going through the process of a re-audit. However, this is only mandatory if the On-Site Check score is below 60 %. Before conducting a re-audit, you are expected to implement the measures defined and agreed on with the auditing company. Measures agreed with the auditing company must also be implemented with a score above 60%.

If your location has a production facility, you are free to improve your rating by commissioning an RSCI audit.

Which factors influence the S-Rating of my location?

You can find information on influencing factors here.

Who can I contact in case of further questions?

Suppliers can contact the local Volkswagen Group sustainability teams via the following email addresses:



MAN Truck & Bus cr-purchasing@man.e





Volkswagen AG

Volkswagen de Mexico

Volkswagen Group China

Volkswagen Group of America

Volkswagen Argentina

Volkswagen do Brasil


Which suppliers have to complete the SAQ?

In general, the SAQ is relevant for all suppliers. Especially for those, who have a production site and/or supply machinery or tools as well as for suppliers from the areas of catering, cleaning services, logistics, construction, waste management, energy, chemicals, software development, personal protective equipment and scrapping. The request to fill out the SAQ will be sent to our suppliers via email from or by individuals from the Volkswagen Group or its subsidiaries. Suppliers should therefore ensure that the contact information in the Supplier Data Base (LDB) on ONE.KBP is up to date.

The S-Rating is applicable to sites with more than 9 employees. Company sites with 9 employees or less can contact Volkswagen Group to apply for an exception. You can find additional information here.

Please note than the BPDD process is not part of this exception.

How do I complete an SAQ on NQC?

For instructions on how to access NQC and share an SAQ with us, please refer to the introduction video on NQC under the following link:

Help - SupplierAssurance

What can I do if a document has been rejected during the validation?

If certain documents have not been accepted, you will be informed via email. On the platform you have the opportunity to see the reasons for rejection by selecting the respective SAQ and clicking the option "View". You will then see a list of the open points and comments.

Reasons for rejection of a document are e.g. insufficient coverage of relevant topics in the guidelines (that were checked as sub-topics) or a lack of documentation of the prevailing management systems. Furthermore, documents often cannot be assigned to the respective companies if the company logo is missing on the documents or if the scope of application does not cover the company site. In order to complete the SAQ , the rejected document needs to be replaced or the answer to the question must be changed to "no" and then re-submitted for validation.

How can I use one SAQ for multiple suppliers?

Suppliers can use a completed SAQ as a template for other locations. You need to create a new location (by clicking on "Start SAQ") and then select "re-use an existing SAQ". After necessary adjustments have been made in the existing SAQ , it can be shared with an OEM and submitted for validation. In case of any problems, NQC’s technical support can be contacted.

How do I receive an invitation code?

You will receive an invitation code via email. This email will be sent to you after completion of the registration process on the Volkswagen ONE.KBP ( ) or in a separate invitation to finalize/improve the SAQ.

How long does it take to validate my SAQ?

It takes up to five business days to validate the SAQ. In this step, NQC checks if the provided documents are valid proof for the information given in the SAQ.

During the validation phase, you cannot make any changes on the SAQ.

Why do I need a policy?

With a policy, you emphasize the meaning of a certain topic for your company and at the same time increase its significance. Furthermore, it provides your employees with guidance for aligning their own actions to the corporate objectives. As a binding frame of reference for external and internal partners, a policy highlights at a glance the values and standards that underpin your company.

How can I delete an SAQ?

On your dashboard on the Supplier Assurance Platform, click on the "Delete" button of the according SAQ displayed under the tab "Location". In order to delete a SAQ, you need to cancel the sharing with the Volkswagen Group.

In case of technical problems, please contact the support of NQC .

What should I do if NQC identifies the DUNS as branch?

First, please register with the DUNS number of your headquarters. As soon as you have registered and are able to log in, you can start a new SAQ and specify the DUNS number of your branch/specific location there.

What should I do if I cannot complete the SAQ because multiple SAQs exist for the same DUNS number?

If you have started several SAQs and entered the same DUNS number in each of them, none of the SAQs can be sent for validation. Please delete the SAQs so there are no more duplicates. As soon as the duplicates have been deleted, you can send your SAQ for validation. If another user has created a SAQ, please contact NQC and ask for access to the existing SAQ.

Why do I need to update my SAQ if it was completed before October 2022?

  • The SAQ on the Supplier Assurance Platform has been updated from version 4.0 to 5.0 in December 2022. This update contained changes and additional questions covering legal requirements that affect all Volkswagen Groups’ suppliers .
  • Only a SAQ in the version 5.0 can be transformed into a valid S-Rating.
  • The update must be made by August 2023 at the latest.

FAQs - On-Site Check

Which service provider have been commissioned to perform On-Site Checks for VOC-Standard on behalf of Volkswagen Group?

The Volkswagen Group collaborates with the following service providers:

Intertek Certifikation GmbH
Elevate Ltd.

Which companies are commissioned to carry out the audit standard: RSCI?

The RSCI audit standard is currently offered by 8 audit service providers. Up-to-date information can be found on the RSCI website. The company commissioning the on-site inspection according to RSCI decides which audit service provider is used.

Do suppliers have to pay for the OSC?

Depending on which audit standard is to be applied, either Volkswagen bears the costs of the on-site inspection or the supplier.

Does the Supplier Site (DUNS) have... Does the Supplier Site (DUNS)...
  • ... more than 100 employees in action
  • ... a production facility at this location (regardless of what products are produced at this location)

... in this case, auditing according to the RSCI standard applies.
  • ... more than 100 employees in action
  • ... offers services of any kind and does not have a production facility##

... in this case, auditing according to the VOC standard applies.
Audit-Standard: RSCI

The RSCI audit is initiated and commissioned independently by the supplier. The costs of hiring a certified company to carry out the RSCI audit are to be borne by the supplier.
Audit-Standard: VOC (Vor-Ort-Check)

The VOC is a Volkswagen-specific standard. The order is carried out by Volkswagen AG. The costs will be borne by Volkswagen AG.

What is a Corrective Action Plan (CAP)?

After an OSC, any non-conformity will be documented in a so-called Corrective Action Plan (CAP), which is discussed between the auditor and the auditee and, eventually, signed.

VOC standard:

With your signature, you confirm it for your acknowledgement and give your consent for this report to be sent to us. Subsequently, it is possible to determine your S-Rating result, consisting of SAQ and audit result.

RSCI standard:

After successful completion, you can share your result with us on the RSCI platform. The prerequisite for this is a trading relationship between your company and Volkswagen AG stored on the platform. By sharing the result, the overall score of your S rating can be determined.

To what extent does the result of the On-Site Check affect my score in the S-Rating?

The On-Site Check is about inspecting the practical implementation of the information you have provided in the SAQ. It is intended to help you identify gaps that negatively impact the S-Rating and to show you actions that you can take to remedy these gaps. The On-Site Check is a supplement to the SAQ but does not release you from your obligation to continuously improve the SAQ.

How do I receive the audit report?

VOC standard:

The report will be sent to you by the executing audit company after the VOC. With your signature, you confirm your acknowledgment and give your consent for this report to be sent to us.

RSCI standard:

Since you have commissioned the audit independently, you will receive the data directly from the audit service provider.

How can I proceed further if I do not agree with the result of the OSC?

Please state your position clearly and immediately in the final discussion with the auditor. If any discrepancies between the signed CAP and the final report occur, please contact the auditing company and the contact at Volkswagen AG or the relevant brands.

Is the validity of the OSC restricted to a specific timeframe?

VOC standard:

The result of a VOC is valid for 5 years.

RSCI standard:

The result of a RSCI audit is valid for 3 years.