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ONE.Konzern Business Platform: Everything in one place

The Volkswagen Group, headquartered in Wolfsburg, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automobiles and commercial vehicles and the largest car manufacturer in Europe. It operates globally and has 114 production facilities in 19 European countries and ten countries in North and South America, Asia and Africa. With its brands, divisions and financial services, the Volkswagen Group is shaping the emission-free and autonomous future of mobility.

An important cornerstone of this are the ten strong core brands that meet every mobility need. They are divided into the Core, Progressive and Sport Luxury brand groups.

The ONE.Konzern Business Platform (ONE.KBP) is an integrated platform developed by the Volkswagen Group in 2003 to make cooperation and information exchange with suppliers even more transparent, cooperative and efficient.

More than one million active users are already using the platform and can access the approximately 80 applications from the areas of procurement, logistics, production, finance, quality and development.

The advantages of ONE.KBP: a uniform system for the entirety of all business processes – both sides of the supply chain benefit from this.

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