Volkswagen Group Services GmbH

Volkswagen Group Services GmbH, with its head office in Wolfsburg, is the experienced and competent partner for automotive services in and around the Volkswagen Group. Volkswagen Group Services GmbH offers attractive career opportunities at currently 13 German and six European location in research & development, data engineering, engineering services, procurement, quality assurance, manufacturing & logistics to sales, event & catering, health and other commercial services.

Volkswagen Group Services GmbH was founded in April 2001 - at that time, it was called Autovision GmbH. It has been offering since then first-class services in processes and personnel. With currently around 8,820 employees* in Germany, the company in the Volkswagen Group is one of the most dynamic and successful companies in Lower Saxony. Volkswagen Group Services GmbH has thirteen German locations and approximately 2,770 employees* at six international locations. The headquarters are in Wolfsburg (*as of December 2018).

With its numerous locations and brands, Volkswagen Group Services GmbH is the experienced and competent service partner in and around the Volkswagen Group. German and international customers are usually supported by works or service contracts; new projects are jointly developed and individually designed according to customer specifications.

With its specific expertise, skilled personnel and specialists, Volkswagen Group Services GmbH helps to optimize processes, establish new processes or design individual projects or entire parts of the company as an independent service task. With competitive costs and flexible personnel structures, support is provided along the entire automotive value chain. Examples include cross-location projects in the areas of procurement, customer care services and quality assurance, as well as services in the fields of research and development, test construction, test and measurement technology and logistics control and support.

The good and stable collective bargaining framework for core and permanent employees, which was developed over many years in cooperation with IG Metall, is ground-breaking in Germany and competitively positions Volkswagen Group Services GmbH as a reliable and fair partner for its customers.

Via an online application management system used to recruit specialists for the various service segments, Volkswagen Group Services GmbH optimally and quickly unites modern business requirements with suitable applicants. This "career portal" flexibly enables both large-volume personnel requirements and the recruitment of specialists. This advanced, online recruiting process - also standard in the Volkswagen Group as SAP E-Recruiting - reflects the customer’s requirements: from specific process development and applicant administration to the hiring of suitable applicants for the customers.

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