Electronic data interchange (EDI) – Outbound – Finished Vehicle Processes

Volkswagen Group Logistics is continuously expanding its range of electronic data exchange services with logistics service providers for the Vehicle Logistics division and has set itself the goal of gradually modernizing existing systems and adapting them to today's technical possibilities.

For electronic data exchange in the field of new car logistics, the INPOSIA (by Avalara) communication portal is still mainly used today. This includes, among other things, communication with freight forwarders to order transports from the production plants, as well as their connected storage locations, as well as the transport processing of so-called destination stations. In addition, warehouses and ports are connected via the communication portal in order to communicate inflow information as well as incoming and outgoing messages.

In addition, the Outbound Order Book is currently being introduced, which, in addition to the pure commissioning of transports, also enables the exchange of status information along the transport chain and is used to order services in the context of vehicle handling. Since the Outbound Order Book is also technically based on more modern technologies, it will replace the communication portal in the long term.

The Outbound Order Book for used car logistics is currently being rolled out. The electronic data exchange of new car logistics is then also transferred to the Outbound Order Book. The exact timetable for this will be communicated to all relevant logistics service providers at an early stage.

To find out which system, the basis for electronic data exchange, is to be used in the context of your (future) assignment, please refer to your tender documents.