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PBST is your dependable partner for holistic air-management systems. We provide advanced and inspiring air-management systems for applicatons on water, rails, as well as on the ground.

PBST has its roots in Gemany and the Czech Republic and has more than 85 years of experience in designing and manufacturing turbochargers and after treatment solutions. We push the limits to create high performance technologies, such as two-stage turbocharging, the EGR blower and SCR reactors for all applications, in order to meet current and future challenges for our customers. Global after-sales services are provided by MAN PrimeServ.

We understand that it's inevitable to think about future challenges for engine manufacturers holistically. While the demand for reducing emissions and fuel consumption is growing, the available space for installations is becoming smaller. For this reason we have integrated exhausts gas after treatment systems and turbochargers in one comprehensive portfolio to be able to provide smart air-management systems for many applications.

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