Access only for FAST partners

FAST is the approach of the Volkswagen Group to intensify collaboration with its most important suppliers

FAST – short for "Future Automotive Supply Tracks"– is the supplier program of the Volkswagen Group, which has been called to life by the procurement and development departments in 2015.

The FAST program aims at shaping the mobility of the present and the future, and thus contains new possibilities to intensify and optimize the collaboration between the Volkswagen Group and its suppliers. These possibilities include for example access to top decision makers (FAST Strategic Dialogues), insights into Volkswagen’s future (FAST summit), as well as automatic access to innovation events such as the "Innovation Days" (FAST Track).

Additionally, new innovation teams have been formed and innovation contracts have been developed. As direct point of contact, these innovation teams possess the ability to push certain topics and share relevant supplier innovations through new communication channels with other VW Group brands. The result is an accelerated innovation process and customers are therefore able to experience innovations even quicker.

FAST summit

Once a year, the FAST summit takes place. At this unique event, FAST suppliers gain interesting insights into the Future of the Volkswagen Group. Furthermore, the extensive attendance of Procurement as well as R&D board members resembles and optimal event to connect throughout the whole Volkswagen Group.

FAST Strategic Dialogues

The second central aspect of the FAST program is the FAST Strategic Dialogue. This bilateral exchange with Top management of the Volkswagen Group gives FAST suppliers the opportunity to speak to representatives of the procurement - as well as development departments simultaneously.
Aiming at a tighter, collaborative culture, these meetings contain strategic topics such as globalization and innovation.

FAST Track

In addition to the participation at the FAST summit as well as the FAST Strategic Dialogues, FAST suppliers receive direct access to comprehensive innovation events such as the "Innovation Days". As a bonus on top, FAST suppliers obtain extensive feedback to their submitted innovations.

Furthermore, these innovations will be communicated through innovation teams to Volkswagen’s other brands and it sparked interest, handed over.

Concluding, FAST suppliers receive an important prioritization throughout the innovation process.

  • "We care for your ideas!"

FAST suppliers‘ innovations receive a dedicated innovation manager as a single point of contact in the group network. This partner accounts for a fast evaluation and validation.

  • "We connect the right people!"

FAST suppliers receive automatically access to innovation events to allow networking with experts from sales and marketing, research and development, product lines, procurement and other divisions.

  • "We create real commitment!"

We offer FAST suppliers attractive contracts in all phases of the innovation process. FAST suppliers have direct access to top decision makers.

Another building block in the FAST Program - FAST Council - new since 2020

A small group is selected every 2 years from the group of active FAST suppliers. The Group Executive Board invites this group to a meeting at the Executive Board level, the so-called "FAST Council", at least once a year. The aim is to discuss a direct and authentic dialogue between Volkswagen and the selected FAST suppliers on current topics and strategic issues.

This is how we act:

1. Screening: Together with each FAST supplier, we identify fitting fields of innovation.

2. Concept generation: Concept generation: For proof of concept and development activities we offer attractive innovation agreements to secure cooperation.

3. Implementation: If the proof of concept is profitable, it will be transferred into series development to find suitable car projects.

59 strong partners are on board!

The Volkswagen FAST Program includes 59 strategic partners, across 48 competence fields. Since every partner has qualified himself through outstanding performance in the areas of innovation, globalization, sustainability as well as transformation, each partner resembles a proud part of our supplier network. With the help of this closer collaboration e.g. innovations will be realized even quicker.