Environmental protection and social rights are major fields for the subject of sustainability. Sustainability is the concept derived from a discussion about the recognition of global ecological problems and globally increasing social problems of poverty as a result of economic development processes.

It represents the extension of the social concept of responsibility in relation to the global development conditions of humanity and is based on the assumption that ecological, economical, and social problems have to be solved by means of newly integrated strategies involving guiding actions.

Operating as a social group of agents, multinational companies have a central role in the field of sustainability. Volkswagen also admits its responsibility being the scale for its long-term corporate policy.

Sustainability in Supplier Relations at Volkswagen

Environmental protection and social responsibility have a long tradition at the Volkswagen Group. They are the basis for a long-term corporate policy. It is important for Volkswagen that our partners supply perfect quality and at the same time also fulfill environmental and social minimum standards worldwide.

Therefore, integrative environmental and social standards have been implemented into the supplier relations.

Volkswagen Group requirements for sustainable development with regards to the relationships with business partners

The following requirements specify Volkswagen's expectations as to how business partners a to conduct themselves within their corporate activities with regards to central environmental an social aspects.

The requirements are looked upon as the precondition for successfully building business relationships between Volkswagen and its partners.

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According to the corporate policy, it is the task of procurement to translate the defined values such as environmental protection and social responsibility into the value chain.

Besides the major task of generating competition and purchasing products like services for optimal costs, the demand for protecting the environment and respecting human rights must not be lost. For that purpose, the Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft strives for a dialog with its suppliers concerning environmental and social issues.

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