Guidelines and Brochures

The following guidelines and brochures show the internal requirements which the Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft has defined for the entire Group. They are the basic principles for the collaboration with suppliers.

Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft sustainability report 2016

This report contains information about the sustainability activities of the Volkswagen Group in 2016. Following an introductory chapter identifying the Group’s basic strategic principles, the Economy, Society and Environment chapters illustrate the three central dimensions of sustainability.

For further information please refer to the following link to our sustainability portal:

The concept of sustainability in the Volkswagen Group

For Volkswagen the concept of a sustainable development is the guideline of a long-term corporate policy which is not only facing economic but also ecological and social challenges. Foresighted environmental protection and social competence support the process of maintaining and increasing global competitiveness in order to achieve sustainability of companies. The concept of sustainability describes the importance and the central elements of sustainable development for the Volkswagen Group.

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Brochure Sustainability in Supplier Relations

Environmental protection and social responsibility have a long tradition within the Volkswagen Group and are the basis for a long-term business policy. Volkswagen requires its business partners to deliver perfect quality while meeting ecological and social minimum standards globally. Therefore, uniform environmental and social standards in supplier relations were implemented. Detailed information on this project can be found in this brochure.

Global environmental principles for production

The environmental standards for production include strategic guidelines and technical specifications, in order to guarantee comparable environmental requirements worldwide. With these goals we aim to develop our processing technologies for the purpose of a preventive environmental protection and for the benefit of the company.

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Environmental policy of the Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen develops, manufactures and markets motor vehicles worldwide with the aim of safeguarding personal mobility. The company accepts responsibility for the continuous improvement of the environmental compatibility of its products and for the increasingly conservative use of natural resources and energy, with due regard to economic aspects. Accordingly, the company makes environmentally efficient, advanced technology available worldwide and brings this technology to bear over the full life cycle of its products. At all its corporate locations, Volkswagen works hand-in-hand with society and policy-makers to shape a development process that will bring sustainable social and ecological benefits.

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Industrial health and safety policy of the Volkswagen Group

With this agreement Volkswagen documents the basic principles and commitments in the field of industrial health and safety for all countries and regions represented in the Global Works Council.

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1.0 / 22.09.2010

Self-assessment questionnaire for suppliers

Volkswagen Group is working together with several automotive manufacturers as part of the European Automotive Working Group on Supply Chain Sustainability to enhance sustainability in the supply chain. To achieve this, we have developed a joint Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) on sustainability for Automotive Sector Suppliers and we are making this available at no cost to our suppliers.

The joint questionnaire is aimed as a first self-assessment of supplier performance on sustainability topics in areas such as social and environmental sustainability, business conduct and compliance, and supplier management.

Declaration on social rights and industrial relations at Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Social Charter was signed on 6th February, 2002 by the Board of Management, the Group Works Council, and the International Metalworkers Federation in Bratislava. This declaration globally defines the minimum standards concerning social rights and industrial relations at Volkswagen.

Third party sustainability audits

Since 2013, Volkswagen Group conducts audits, which focus specifically on the topic of sustainability.

These audits are performed by an external service provider and the results are presented to us in a report.

In case that we find gaps between the supplier’s performance and the Volkswagen Group sustainability requirements in its relationship with business partners (Code of Conduct for Business Partners), the supplier is required to hand in a corrective action plan.

During the implementation and realization of the action plan, the supplier and Volkswagen Group stay in permanent exchange.

Please find more information on sustainability at our sustainability portal.

econsense-brochure: Process Steps in Sustainable Supply Chain Management, practical guidelines for companies

More and more businesses are focusing their attention on sustainability and their responsibility to promote social, labour and environmental standards. All compa¬nies must reflect on their responsibility for sustainable supply chain management and consider what steps they must take. The purpose of this brochure is to provide decision makers especially in small companies, as well as persons responsible for implementing company policy, with a guide to sustain¬able supply chain management.

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